An Introduction to SOVERUN (SVRN) - True Utility Blockchain

Next generation Blockchain Dapps and Utility are here.
Less speculation, moving money around and valueless "vapour coins"... more real use of blockchain
as a technology creating efficiencies, value, innovation and wealth redistribution.
Soverun (SVRN) is a next generation Coin designed on its own base (layer1) blockchain to be used
in a wide variety of applications and industries.
We are rolling out the technology USE CASE first... no hype, no excessive marketing and no hopium....
just pure logic, value led development and self funding growth.
This week we take a look at SOVERUN and how its bringing blockchain technology to mass ownership
and use case.

Lets take a look....
Look out for more detail and how to own SOVERUN in the in coming weeks


Great to hear so much is in motion. 

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Such a refreshing change to hear someone speak with honesty and integrity about a project! This has the potential to truthfully affect the ordinary person's ability to generate wealth providing they listen and apply the education needed - the Academy is the best place to be part of this amazing and well thought out idea. Looking forwards to learning more!

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