Monday Musings - Expectation Versus Reality

So, as you probably know by now, we are in Mexico. Our chosen lifestyle is to be mobile, not necessarily tied to one place.

We've achieved this through taking the decision to home educate our kids and to earn money (thank you passive crypto income!) in a way that means we are not dependent upon location.

Sounds good in practice, right? But if you are now also looking at locational freedom through the way you have chosen to earn an income, how does it stack up in reality?

First up I would say that travelling with young kids presents its own challenges.

Aside from the usual meltdowns due to tiredness, since arriving in Mexico to a change in climate, food and with a lot of travelling in between, a load of new experiences, the kids have had some tummy issues.

Farts that were, shall we say, more than 💩 and vomiting over dinner in a restaurant one evening. That's all fine, it happens.

I'm sat in bed with a stinking cold as I write this as well. A week of almost solid travelling has taken its toll.

So we are all going to rest up and honour our bodies needs for a couple of days.

The experiences we have had in the last week though, have been absolutely amazing! Things that the kids (and us) will never forget.

Experiences they could never have in a classroom and experiences we could not have in a 9-5 with 4 weeks a year holiday.

We are getting to immerse ourselves in a culture in full, not just flit in for two weeks and flit out again. There will be a depth of experience for the kids here that they will never forget.

So, whilst it's not all sunshine and lollipops, I would not exchange the last week or so for anything.

I do feel that most things that are worthwhile are not always easy to achieve and if you are involved in crypto at the moment, you will know that is certainly true 😅.

Our lifestyle would be considered alternative to the majority and as such the world is not set up to accommodate us.

So, we make our own rules. And these two gorgeous being below will benefit.

And as for me, I'm going to sleep again!! Because I can!


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