Children questioning rules ...


By Leanne Jones


This quote really resonated with me this week. Parenting is a fine line between fully embracing your children's uniqueness while also being realistic that they cannot ignore all of the world's "rules". It can be challenging for us to know how far to let them push the boundaries at the same time as protecting their "spark" and individuality.

The children who learnt to accept all rules and regulations on face value and not rock the status quo are now adults who feel helpless in the current world economy.

Rising inflation

Massive cost of living increases

Lack of rental properties, people having to live in their cars or on the streets

Broken and outdated financial institutions increasing their control on how we spend our money.

These are all contributing to a life lived in fear, desperation and hopelessness. Another outcome all together is possible through crypto. But it's so much more than the coins! It stems from the underlying technology - the Blockchain. Blockchain technology is now being used in many industries, not just cryptocurrency. Financial Medical Cybersecurity Supply Chain Management Healthcare Government Insurance Transportation...and more This technology provides Transparency Enhance Security Reduced costs Traceability Immutability Improved speed and efficiency Above all, blockchain technology gives you and me the opportunity to take back control of our finances. If you would like to learn more about Blockchain Technology and how to Be Your Own Bank, attend the DBM Academy's free weekly Workshops.