Are you looking for a simple platform to help you start gaining passive income in the defi space?

We know that this space can be a nightmare with scams, the markets causing even established companies to fail and the difficulty of finding trustworthy information.

This is why the DBM Academy exists and it is why we endorse YieldNodes.

YieldNodes has been running for 3 years now and over that time has proved itself to be an extremely reliable performer.  In that 3 years YieldNodes has:

Averaged a MONTHLY return of over 9%

Paid out on time EVERY time

Performed consistently even in the worst market conditions we have seen in this space

Proved itself to be a company of integrity with meeting the needs of its community at its heart

Communicated in a clear and consistent way over that time

In short, this is a real gem of a company with a great ethos.  And the news gets better.  For the month of October, they are dropping the amount that you need to get started with a node in YieldNodes from €500 to €100.

Many of us would spend that on a night out.  Why not put it into something that will produce you real life returns each month?

And if you are worried that this is complex to set up and rquires constant maintenance, think again.  The process to set YieldNodes up is extremely simple (and the DBM Academy provide worksheets on how to do this) and it is quite literally a set and forget type platform that just regularly pays out.

Below is an interview with the YieldNodes CEO, Steve Hoermann that I conducted a while back.  Everything he talks about in this video still holds true.

I would really urge you to give up 30 minutes of your time to view this video and to learn what YieldNodes can do for you.

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Great video Richard, nice to meet the man in charge!

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