DBM Defi Loop - Update Sept 2022...Layer 4 is Coming!

The DBM Defi Loop has helped hundreds of people to make sense of what it is
to create real, consistent income from digital assets and blockchain based
business systems.
Here is the latest on how the Defi Loop works and how it is performing over two years since its inception 
into the DBM Academy.
We look at...
- the importance of education in the blockchain space
- how to get started with Layer1 Asset ownership
- why you should avoid Marketers who only drive incentives and commissions
- how to create income from Assets on proven Layer2 projects/platforms
- why you need to avoid unproven projects and how to fund Layer3 with existing cashflows (Layer2)
- how several Layer2 defi projects are no marturing into real world Layer4 use cases
- why you should never sell your Assets.
.... and more. Enjoy.

Learn more and get ahead at www.dbm.academy


These loop calls are so valuable and informative, thank you

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Good to catch up, things always slot a little more into place the more I listen to these. Repetition is definitely the mother of all knowledge :-)

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