SuperOne Overview & Updates 11th Aug 2022

Join DBM Coaches Moira and Cliodhna for this week's overview and updates on the SuperOne project, which takes GameFi to the next level.

The tokenomics behind the SuperOne ecosystem are strong and the ambition of the developers is high, so if you're already positioned but have not been keeping up with developments, or have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for game launch - then NOW is the time to get yourself up to speed and take ACTION as the corporate team gear up to game launch coinciding with the Soccer World Cup in Qatar in November.

Join us every Thursday at 11AM UTC (access via for our weekly SuperHour call.

From Wednesday 24th August we will also be starting a 2nd weekly call for our US based community every Wednesday at 6pm EST (10PM UTC/11PM UK), hosted by another of our amazing coaching team, Dr. Cindy Cork.

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