Blockchain - The Big Picture

Don't know your currencies from your money.... your liquidity from your scalability.....your securities from your savings... your collatoral from your equities.... your decentralisation from your centralisation?
What are the first principles of wealth and how does the prevailing system limit individuals, whereas blockchain may be an opportunithy to open wealth up to the masses on their terms.
We are headed for another "socialisation of losses".... for another decade of austerity. A phenomenom that ALSO drives Assets prices. What you need to decide is which side of this do you want to be on this time?
It a BIG topic... but an essentiual one to appreciate IF you are take control of YOUR future.
One of the best macro level debates I’ve seen in a while… well worth a listen as we position ahead of market maturity with our work…. 
Educate - Empower - Decentralise