PLCU Update - June 2022

PLCU is already one of the most successful Blockchain projects in the World... moreover, it is creating real life CASHFLOWS for ordinary people via a powerful mix of REAL Utility, HIGH Demand and CONSISTENT Liquidity.
An extraordinary way for people to access digital assets that have a real affect on real life.
One of the key attributes that allows this ongoing price and liquidity to be leveraged is the projects consistent ability to create revenues from REAL WORLD products and services, such as vehicles and property.
People are able to acquire real world products using an equivalent (USDT) value in PLCU.... then taking a 50% discount on the acquistion, funded by PLCU Pro.... taking ownwership, then paying down the balance via the MINTING of the PLCU coin.
The 50% discount is funded via a internal "crosschain" coin.... PLCU Pro, that allows the stable transfer of USDT equivalent funds to be provided to the vendor.
This is a new innovation in the required "bridge" between real world products/ services and blockchain technology.
Let’s take a look at how this works in more detail AND, why you may wish to OWN BOTH coins (PLCU and PLCU Pro) in 2022 and beyond >>>>
Learn more and Register into this powerful blockchain income stream HERE


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