Cheapest way to send crypto across platforms

One of the most important steps in the crypto space is being able to send crypto from one platform to another. While there are a lot of things to consider before sending our digital assets, there is a cheap way to send funds from one place to another. 

Following are the cheapest coins I have found to send from one place to another:


Things to consider:

  • The reason there is a plan A and plan B, is in case you cannot find one of the first 3 coins, use the plan B coins
  • Example if you are sending ETH (which is very expensive due to gas fees), you would change it to LTC, send it to your receiving platform and then turn it back to ETH
  • In order to use this in the previous example, you need to make sure that your receiving platform allows you to swap LTC back to ETH
  • Just on a side note, while I believe this is the cheapest, also make sure to consider other fees that may affect the process, for example withdraw fees, deposit fees and exchange fees.

Hope this helps - Nanicrypto 

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