Podcast Talk Every Blockchain Entrepreneur Needs To Know.

If you're one of the blockchain entrepreneurs who is sincere about wanting to figure out how to embrace the roller coaster in blockchain, then this Crypto Podcast Talk holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to work in blockchain projects which require you to recruit to be successful in the blockchain.

The Big Takeaway Is: You Can Build Cash Flow Assets If You Acquire Passive Income Projects

The key idea with this is instead of following the herd, put on your thinking cap for a few minutes and really think.

And what it really means is if you don't take time for education and give your decisions some thought, you'll run off in a million different commission-based blockchain projects.

You need to understand this is key because most people never make much or any money in blockchain because they don't take the time to figure out what makes sense for them to understand their needs before they participate in any blockchain project.


Podcast Talk # 1 - Crypto Investor Mindset

  • Avoid mistakes in thinking when investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Make good decisions with cryptocurrencies, projects, and platforms.

Podcast Talk # 2 - Don't Invest More Than You're Willing To Lose

  • The best way to avoid emotional rollercoasters is to invest an amount in the worst cases in the face of a massive loss that will not affect your life drastically.

Podcast Talk # 3 - Take A Pause

  • Think and triple-check what you're doing to make sure you are making the decision that's pleasing to you

Podcast Talk # 4 - Forget The Past, Act In The Present

  • Staying stuck in the past ideas doesn't help us. The train has already left the station and won't ever come back again. Learn from the frustration and keep moving forward in the present. If you couldn't take advantage of an opportunity excel release the thought, see what's next to see if you are ready to catch up to the next one.

My advice at this point is to sit down with a cup of your favourite beverage and make a list of blockchain crypto goals. Think through your desires in life, asset-building goals, and you're why, and make a difference in your own life to create long-term educated success in blockchain crypto.

If you like to hear more click the video above and listen to Shanea and Mella's DBM Coaches Podcast “REAL TALK” Share their life experiences, ups, downs, and successes in the blockchain.