Freedom is on the other side of fear

What does financial freedom look like to you?

Is it being able to sack the boss?

Is it to be debt free?

Is it to be able to travel the world?

Is it to sit outside of the existing financial systems?

Is it to be sovereign and empowered?

People often dream about being financially free, but then don't take any steps towards it and I often wonder why that is.

There is a world of opportunity out there and huge amounts of free information to help people on their way.

Why not utilise it to your advantage?

I think often it is fear that gets in the way.

After all, once you start to take responsibility for your own finances, there is nobody else to blame if it all goes wrong, is there?

The buck stops with you.

So are you going to carry on letting fear dictate how you live your life?

Or are you going to lean into the fear, embrace it, work through it and then ultimately grow?

Freedom is on the other side of fear!No Fear

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Lee Markham

Spot on. 
I think the stigma surrounding "crpyto" is hugely negative. 

I've heard so many people say "well it's hard to see value when you cant see it or touch it, it's like not even real"
They are unfortunately unaware that 97% of all currency in existence in the UK is digits on a screen. Dollars and pounds have not been backed by tangable assets since 1971 when President Nixon made the USD a Fiat Currency. 

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