Meet our new DBM Coaches - Hazel and Dennis

Join me for an introduction to two brand new DBM coaches, Hazel and Dennis de Kloe.

Hazel and Dennis run the The Freedom Club ( which exists to empower people to consciously design their own lifestyle freedom, thereby enabling themselves to live more fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

In part, this means helping people with their financial education and assisting them in organising their finances to enable them to start investing in assets.

They will be starting their DBM workshop (How to) Get a Grip on Your Finances from 13:00 (UK) every Thursday from Thursday 26 May, so I urge you to join them then if you were wondering how to squeeze a bit more out of your finances to start building your assets.

Find out more about them as we chat in the video below!

Register at for access to our free weekly workshops!


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